Famous Songs about Cars…

To start it off….

…there’s bands who sing songs about cars, and name their band after cars,

and there’s bands who sing car noises in their songs,

bands who just don’t care where, just drive,

bands who are just honest about it,

bands who have fond memories in their car,

actually Meatloaf sings about cars kinda a lot…

Then there’s the plain stupid,

and partially related,

and to finish it off!

Yeah Baby.

How many songs can you think of which involves cars?



…is in a cartwheel!

Name a bizarre gift you received.

I’ve been given many bizarre gifts.
My whole bedroom can make up for bizarre gifts.

I have a robotic insect, a dinosaur costume, miniature dynamite, a cardboard square with Bob Dylan lyrics written upon it, a cupcake pot made of china, a collection of lost keys that have been found by my Dad, a “Christmas is shit” Christmas card, a pikachu teddy bear, boxing gloves, a toolbox with a hammer, old Swedish currency, a Michael Jackson t-shirt and a stone that looks like a sandwich.

The question is; do weird people give me these gifts? Or do people give me these gifts because I’m weird?

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