Florence + The Machine – Lungs

Yes okay, I get it, maybe I’m a year too late on the uptake of the seemingly unstoppable force of Florence and the Machine, but I am a poor student in London and CDs nowadays are a luxury, unless of course they are on sale on HMV for a few quid.

But I didn’t buy it for a few quid, I borrowed it from a friend, after much asking and reminding to bring it over.  I would have felt like I cheated Florence if I just listened to her album over Spotify, or YouTube, or (gasp) an illegal download.

There’s something about her unique style that is so entrancing it brings you into Florence’s world.  Undoubtedly, she has a remarkable voice that draws natural attention, but she has a modesty to her talent.  There’s no flamboyancy, or exaggerated extended notes, there’s no over the top attitude that I might expect from a Beyonce album.  (Sorry Beyonce, you’re still amazing.)

Her poetic lyrics either brings her down to my level of appreciation or rises her above.  (‘Blinding’ and ‘Howl’)  I haven’t quite decided yet.  But I am definitely enticed.  It’s almost as if she’s singing your feelings, and it releases something from you.  (‘I’m Not Calling You A Liar’)  There’s the same satisfaction like you’ve just read an amazing novel, or grown out of pessimistic rambling.

My personnel favourite is ‘Drumming’, at the moment, it could change in a week, because believe me this album does not have a weak link in any song.  So now I can see what all the fuss is about.  What’s more fascinating is Florence’s art direction, and this has indeed travelled well into her music videos.  ‘Rabbit Heat [Raise It Up]’ particularly comes to mind. A sense of nostalgia flies out of the songs and the videos drawing you back to your own experiences.  Perhaps thats why Florence has been so popular, she has really found a connection to reach her fans without even realising it.

‘You’ve Got The Love’ has been truly a successful cover from this album, it does remind me however of the explosive original from the ‘Sex and the City’ Movie.  (God I’m such a girl!)  And I admit I do like it, perhaps not as much as the original, but there is so many greater songs on the album this makes a great closer to Florence’s masterpiece.

Whatever it is, it’s unmissable, if you haven’t heard this album yet – you really have to.  I regret leaving it so late but she’s proven her sustainability and I can’t wait for more!