Awesome Female #6

Aung San Suu Kyi is probably my favourite of all my nominated awesome females.  Daughter to an assassinated general father who negotiated Burma’s independence from the British Empire and Burmese Ambassador mother to India and Nepal, Suu Kyi spent her childhood in Burma, graduated in Politics in India to then go onto study at Oxford and work within the United Nations.  She married and mothered two sons, until she returned to Burma after 28 years to attend to her ailing mother, but later lead the pro-democracy movement.

Her call for a democratic government, amidst uprisings violently suppressed by military rule, resulted in her being placed under house arrest; the first time for six years, the second time for 19 months, then the third she was not to be released until after fifteen years.

She was offered her freedom if she left the country but refused.  Her husband came to visit her five times in total since she had returned to Burma, but when he was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer was no longer granted visa.  The military junta freed Suu Kyi from house arrest and urged her to visit her husband around this time; she again refused and did not trust their promise that they would allow her back into the country.  Her husband died whilst she was still under house arrest.

She was eventually released in 2010, where one of her sons was granted visa to see her for the first time in ten years.  Since she was released, she’s continued to fight a peaceful resistance to military rule and corruption of Burma, now Myanmar and encouraged steps closer in building a democratic government.

This year she intends to run for presidency, a position which currently bars her because she is widow and mother to foreign relatives, another new struggle.  Yet she continues to inspire me and many others, I refuse to believe her struggles have been in vain.

Look how far Myanmar has come, there is still far to go but Suu Kyi has it within her sights.  Peace she says is unattainable, but it’s never been closer.

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