My legs, in different countries – Shanghai

2.  Shanghai, China


Taken on my first full day in the most populated city in the world, Shanghai.  I travelled on the bullet train from Beijing to Shanghai the previous afternoon – cutting 819 miles (1,318 km) into just under 5 hours.

Both boarding and alighting felt as security tight and precise as an airport, unlike the slower trains I was to take around China after this.

Finally arriving at the hostel – aka bed – I woke up to my first full day exceeding 40 degrees and the most intense heat I’ve ever experienced.  So hot, the marble blocks around this area burned my skin when sitting on them (I was wearing shorts!) before being shortly ushered off and away from them by security officers, who seemingly came out of nowhere.  Sitting upon the extended wooden arms of these marble blocks were allowed though.  But still burnt.

My travel buddy I was with at the time and I went to meet a German friend, we had met at our hostel back in Beijing.

Walking around Shanghai in this heat was exhausting, the air was thick and I felt slimy with sweat (not my most attractive sentence.)

We walked down Nanjing Road, before settling down around this spot on The Bund, heat weary, just staring over at Pudong for an hour or two.

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3 Comments on “My legs, in different countries – Shanghai”

  1. Sketchpacker says:

    Haha your slimy sweaty state sounds distinctly like my own pretty much every day here in Vietnam! I empathise, girl, I do

    Liked by 1 person

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