My legs, in different countries – Moscow

1.  Moscow, Russia.


Flicking back through pictures from traveling with a heavy heart, I began to notice similar pictures I’d taken of my legs/feet in very different parts of the world.

Here I am at the start of my travels, a few days in, sitting on a bench next to a busy road in Moscow, drinking a Baltika beer.  Four friends surrounded me and we were all chatting, cheerfully and generally relaxing.

I remember thinking my journey had only just begun and hearing of my friend’s travel stories at the time, I was almost giddy with a nervous excitement for what was to come.  I hadn’t realised yet how finding good company (as these friends were only holidaying and going back to England shortly) isn’t easy to find, there can be long waits between, much like traveling itself, to get to one place to another, long hours staring outside a coach, train, plane window before you arrive in a new destination.

I was yet to learn when you find that place you really love, or that random person you really get on with, makes it the more memorable when you do.  Oh and that purple and grey bag to my right; that will only last a few months before falling to pieces.  Thanks Mountain Warehouse!


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3 Comments on “My legs, in different countries – Moscow”

  1. martafrant says:

    haha Baltika “семерка” is the maun thing in the picture

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  2. martafrant says:

    …and they say after drinking Baltika “3” you can even see four legs…

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