Day 2: Cow & Calf Rock, Ilkley Moor and Aysgarth Falls

We were a little late getting up this morning, last night after yesterday’s post we both felt so relaxed we stayed in, munched on some of our snacks (crackers, cheese and chutney accompanied by Lindt Chocolate balls hmm…) and watched a few episodes from the final series of Breaking Bad, all in front of our log fire!  Bliss.

We decided late last night too, before going to bed, we would try to squeeze both Ilkley Moors and Aysgarth Falls today – which we did manage to do, woohoo!


And again, we were fairly lucky with the weather – it was mostly clear, with no snow clouds or fogginess, which meant when we did get up onto Ilkley Moor the sights looking down on the town of Ilkley and the surrounding hills were so pretty and picturesque – which could have easily been blocked by unpredictable Yorkshire snow flurries!

There was of course still a lot of snow lying around, but the only icy surfaces we faced in terms of driving was the car park!

Ilkley, like Bolton Abbey, isn’t far from Skipton and is only a 15 minute drive away.  We used the Cow & Calf Rock Cafe’s car park, which was free – or so it seemed!

From here you can walk all around the moors and can even clamber up and around the Cow & Calf Rock (although maybe best not to in this weather if you’re wearing wellie’s like we were!) – these are the two rocks below, the big one being the Cow and the small one, you get this picture.

Cow & Calf Rock

Cow & Calf Rock


Sadly, these rocks suffer with a case of rubbish grafitti. For example, one part of the rock had ‘RIP DOG’ sprayed upon it!  Not very creative…

However as we discovered later, other rocks around the area had carvings etched into them from as early as the mid-19th Century.  Although we found this way more interesting than whoever Dog might be, back in the 1800’s they could have looked pretty shit to other hikers too – who knows!


RIP DOG, lower right hand side of the Calf Rock, whoever you may be.


Graffiti from the 1800's

Graffiti from the 1800’s


We walked round the moors for an hour or so more and even enjoyed a few cups of tea from the flask we made before leaving the cottage – top tip for those who are going to do this kind of trip and want a traditional English warm-up (if you’re not already English or a fan of tea!)

If you’re into your wildlife too there is plenty around here – we didn’t see much, being winter, but still spotted a bird of prey swooping around and some deer droppings (regrettably not the deer itself.)

Anyway, a free trip well worth the hike.

Another interesting rock

Another interesting rock



From here, we went onto Aysgarth Falls – made famous arguably by the Kevin Costner Robin Hood film, where he had some sort of fight on the lower falls. I have seen the film, many years ago, so I can’t exactly remember who the fight was against and why it happened.

Anyway, unfortunately Aysgarth National Park is not so quick to get to, which isn’t down to distance but in fact due to the road route – if you don’t like country roads prepare yourself.  The way there is practically one long country road which winds and bends like something out of Postman Pat but worse (if you’re not English you might not get this reference, it may be worth googling!)

It takes approximately just over an hour, longer if you’re unlucky enough to get caught behind a tractor!  The roads can be quite tight in some parts too, so be cautious about oncoming vehicles around blind corners, basically drive carefully and not like an utter idiot.

We were lucky with the roads again here, perfect conditions until we came to the Aysgarth Falls car park – an icy slope entrance which had us both gritting our teeth getting up – but we made it nonetheless!

We also had a supporter spurring us on in the form of a random man, who turned out to be a nice random man who gave us his car parking ticket with a few hours left as he was just leaving – nice one!


The Upper, Middle and Lower Falls are all walking distance and not strenuous in any way. Although we guessed you had to pay for the car park, there are no entrance fees to see all three falls. There is however a honesty box on the way to the Upper Falls though, where we kindly donated and recommend you do too!




A lovely site, I’m sure you agree, which I feel my iPhone does not do enough justice (and the fact I still feel guilty about breaking the camera yesterday >_<).  I did take a couple of panoramic videos here, that I can’t seem to figure out how to upload from my phone onto WordPress.  Alas, they are on my Instagram so if want to take a buchers you can click here.

On the drive back we listened to classic Western and Sci-Fi movie soundtracks, with the sun going down and white fields all around us, it felt like we were through some icy planet than West/North Yorkshire!  But we soon made it back to Skipton and felt right at home in our warm and cosy cottage.

Tomorrow, my birthday, we plan on catching the train over to York.



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