Published in my Local Paper!

Herne Bay Times

Sorry for the lack of posts recently – I have in fact been writing my butt off elsewhere, for other websites and publications (as you can tell from a few of my previous posts: Selectspecs, The Metropolist.)

But this week was the first time I’ve been published in my local newspaper – The Herne Bay/Canterbury/Whitstable Times (in all three – not sure about the Faversham one though?).  Check it out above, you may have to view image on a separate page to be able to read it!

It’s a really great feeling whenever I get published, when I see my name next to an article I’m proud of, but picking up a paper in the shop and seeing my name in print feels awesome (they even included my second name!)

I really hope this improves my chances of any future job applications (particularly in journalism) and is something I hope to be repeating in the future!

I also have other upcoming projects which may see me as bit of a presenter for Selectspecs!  I shall reveal all nearer the time, but for now Selectspecs have a new fashion and beauty magazine for their website which can be seen here.  Or my posts can be seen here.


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