Malerone Dreams #5

When traveling in Asia, in countries considered a ‘high risk’ of contracting Malaria, I chose to take Malerone anti-malarial tablets, opposed to the alternative option Doxycycline.  

Malerone is known to have little or no side effects for most users, unlike Doxycycline.  However, one possible side effect listed  on the leaflet inside my box of Malerone read  “strange, vivid dreams.”

I did not begin to experience this particular side effect until a month or two after taking Malerone and here are a couple of the dreams I experienced…

The last in my mini-series of Malerone Dreams (sorry I can’t remember them all!) and this one is probably every girls nightmare – the one where I encountered the ex and his new girlfriend.  Yuck, enough to make you want to become a human hermit for the rest of your life.

What makes me want to include this dream is how utterly bizarre it was, and felt.

Within the dream, I was wondering down a high street, peering into windows and generally not paying too much attention.  Until there was a tap on my shoulder.  It was him.

Left speechless as to why he would ever try to communicate to me again after all the heartbreak and crap-hitting-the-fan he’d caused, I just stood there like a lemon, whilst he blabbered on about how sorry he was to hurt me and couldn’t wish for anything more other than to be friends again.

Around then, I came out of my temporary shell-shock state to proceed on walking away, and fast, from him.  I could hear and feel him (excessively tapping on my shoulder yet again) behind me, vomiting all that verbal garbage he was before – he hadn’t stopped!

“Please, even [insert girl’s name here] wants to be friends with you!”  WHAT.  THE. ACTUAL.  FUDGE!?  As soon as he mentioned her name there she was, right in front of me, grinning and nodding like one of those awful nodding dogs people put in the back of their car to forever stare patronisingly at the poor drivers behind them.  I halted in my steps.  They were blocking both directions of escape.  Help!

“Yes, me and [insert ex’s name here] have spoken a lot about it and I really want to become friends.”

I wasn’t scared or hurt, my mind was just completely blown in trying to comprehend how people have become so weird and lost all sense of social and moral decency.  No I don’t want to be friends!!!  I might have shouted, as the current girlfriend tried to grab and hold my hand but I managed to bustle my way away, far far away, from the two freaks.

A strange dream indeed and not the norm for me, who, firstly, has never experienced these two people together in real life or secondly, in any other dream before.  They’re not in my thoughts so that was it – I put it down to the Malerone and it’s cruel gut-wrenching side effects of making you dream of losing legs, throwing up octopus and having your ex’s current girlfriend plead for you both to become the best of friends.  No more Malerone for me and I was glad.


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