Malerone Dreams #4

When traveling in Asia, in countries considered a ‘high risk’ of contracting Malaria, I chose to take Malerone anti-malarial tablets, opposed to the alternative option Doxycycline.  

Malerone is known to have little or no side effects for most users, unlike Doxycycline.  However, one possible side effect listed  on the leaflet inside my box of Malerone read  “strange, vivid dreams.”

I did not begin to experience this particular side effect until a month or two after taking Malerone and here are a couple of the dreams I experienced…

I was welcomed into my boyfriend’s house I’d never visited before and being the marble mansion it was in my dream; chandeliers had been dunked in gold and ceiling-height mirrors draped from the walls and huge hollow vases covered table tops excessively.  Needless to say; I was quite nervous.

I’m not sure why though because I didn’t meet his parents in the dream and all I really remember was sitting upstairs, in one of the very Versace-esque bedrooms, and feeling quite sick.

My throat seemed to be full of water and it quickly dawned on me I could not hold it in any longer.  Me, vomiting all over the cold stone lavish floor would soon become a reality.  Oh God.

And it came up slimy, slowly, thick and black.  I had to hunch over on all fours and heave to get out whatever was inside my throat.

A long, black, sticky tentacle oozed out of my mouth between my retching, alongside another, moving slowly out of my esophagus, through my throat, rubbing on my teeth and tongue.  The tentacle squidged when it hit the floor but other tentacles were still coming up.  It was like eating a slug backwards.

At which point I must have been so grossed out, so disgusted, that my own conscience couldn’t take it no more – and so I woke up.  This was the worst dream I had whilst taking Malerone and when I realised it was in fact an octopus I was trying to puke out of me I had to wake up my boyfriend too, to gross him out about the details of my dream.  Sorry David!

I was looking forward to coming off Malerone after this one..


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