Malerone Dreams #3

When traveling in Asia, in countries considered a ‘high risk’ of contracting Malaria, I chose to take Malerone anti-malarial tablets, opposed to the alternative option Doxycycline.  

Malerone is known to have little or no side effects for most users, unlike Doxycycline.  However, one possible side effect listed  on the leaflet inside my box of Malerone read  “strange, vivid dreams.”

I did not begin to experience this particular side effect until a month or two after taking Malerone and here are a couple of the dreams I experienced…

The next dream in this series becomes far more gruesome at a much faster rate than the previous two.

I was on the back of a big, fast red motorbike being driven by my cousin.  We were cruising and turning corners on a gorgeously scenic road on an edge of a cliff, as if being filmed for the next mission impossible movie, living the American dream, until, inevitably, it all went wrong.

There was a crash with another vehicle, an ambulance truck ironically, which sent my cousin and I sliding across the road whilst still on the motorbike.

Motorbike crashes, in reality or in dreams, are scary enough and that’s without coming dangerously close to being hurtled off the edge of the cliff, but when the skidding finally stopped I looked over my body to check I was alright…to be hit with an unbearable shock which pulled me heavily deep into ground, tearing through my heart and my stomach.

Too horrified to cry and too traumatised to speak, when I looked down what I saw is that I had lost my leg.

Totally and utterly aghast, I looked round at the crash site where the ambulance van was on its side too and spotted my leg in the middle of the road, having been somehow severed in the accident.

My over leg was trapped underneath the motorbike and I couldn’t scramble away from it, forcing me to realise my cousin’s body, unmoving, dead.

I felt an overwhelming urge right there and then to commit suicide, as I wished I was also dead and to not have to live the rest of my life within a wheelchair.

The last moments of my dream I remember was feeling the paramedics grabbing my arms to try and pull me out, but this chaos blurred around me and my body fell limp in their grips as I continued to just stare down at my missing leg, stunned and paralyzed.  Wishing to die.


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