Malerone Dreams #2

When traveling in Asia, in countries considered a ‘high risk’ of contracting Malaria, I chose to take Malerone anti-malarial tablets, opposed to the alternative option Doxycycline.  

Malerone is known to have little or no side effects for most users, unlike Doxycycline.  However, one possible side effect listed  on the leaflet inside my box of Malerone read  “strange, vivid dreams.”

I did not begin to experience this particular side effect until a month or two after taking Malerone and here are a couple of the dreams I experienced…

The next dream I had was set again underwater, although this time I couldn’t breath or walk underwater like the previous.  This time I was in the whole scuba get-up alongside my mum.

I was with my mum because we had been given a mission to accomplish together – and that was to exterminate anyone infected with a disease.

Sounds quite futuristic and it was!  We were given a gun and disease scanner all-in-one device where we could scan any human being, like a X-ray, to find out what disease they were carrying to then be able to shoot them.

However, you’d be wrong in thinking the diseases we were scanning for were like something out of resident evil or 28 days later, no, they were just real-life diseases anyone can develop in everyday life.  For example, cancer.  I remember killing a lot of sea folk with cancer, my bad.

And when we’d shoot any disease carriers it wasn’t a laser beam which just zapped them away to never be seen again!  Oh no – it was a laser beam which set them on fire, before they shattered and dispersed into a million grains of ash, floating out into the sea.

It was as if our mission setters didn’t care about individual survival rates but believed instead any disease would no doubt be contagious to other ‘clean’ humans and so, everyone with one, must be killed.

It was quite horrific seeing their last expressions and hearing their deathly screams too, so it wasn’t as fun as what it may sound.

But that’s all what I can remember from this dream, three more of this series to come… and they get worse.


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