Malerone Dreams #1



When traveling in Asia, in countries considered a ‘high risk’ of contracting Malaria, I chose to take Malerone anti-malarial tablets, opposed to the alternative option Doxycycline.  

Malerone is known to have little or no side effects for most users, unlike Doxycycline.  However, one possible side effect listed  on the leaflet inside my box of Malerone read  “strange, vivid dreams.”

 I did not begin to experience this particular side effect until a month or two after taking Malerone and here are a couple of the dreams I experienced…

The dream which was the shotgun blast of realisation my dreams were becoming very weird was one where I was back in secondary school.  Except it wasn’t my secondary school as I know it physically; Herne Bay High School, on Bullockstone Road in Herne Bay, Kent; no, it was underwater, in fact everything was underwater in my dream, even my house.  Think the Snorks, except everyone was still human and breathing didn’t seem to be a problem.

It also wasn’t as happy and bubbly as life was in the Snorks either.  Hannah, a girl I knew from school, but rarely hung around with, and I had found ourselves in a pretty big predicament – we had murdered our history teacher.

I have a vague memory from the dream of us doing it too, it was me and her and I think we suffocated him to death.  Hannah was delighted we had killed him and went on with her life with a spring in her step, whereas I began to feel the guilt in one big and heavy stomp down on me and which seemed to burn through my whole body, right down to my bones.  I couldn’t hack it, I was going to squeal – that’s when Hannah started to threaten me, telling me this is a secret we must keep our whole lifes, to the grave and if she finds out I’ve told anyone (my mum or the police) she’d knock me off too.

The most vivid part of this dream was that feeling of guilt that weighed down on me so strong.  But my dreams would only start to get weirder from here…


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