Macedonia brings in chemical castration penalty for convicted paedophiles…


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Picturesque Macedonia has been the first country I’ve heard of to bring in the penalty of castration for convicted peadophiles.

What a sentence to open a post with and yes you did read that right, read that again if you like, because that’s what I damn well did when I saw this in the Guardian yesterday.

So what happens if you’re a paedophile just been convicted in Macedonia?  Well, if this is your first conviction you don’t lose your nuts just yet, you’ll receive a jail sentence which could be up to life imprisonment.  Second time convicted?  Say goodbye to Mr Jingles.  Your bits will be chemically castrated and never to be seen again.

There is also another option for the first time convicted paedophile, they can voluntarily opt for the downstairs removal and be done with it, in order to reduce prison time because after release they are likely to commit again, which is why the child protection group Megjasi, who were the people campaigning for this penalty, says the law is still too lenient.

There’s the facts; now for the theory.  I am very open for comments expression opinions on this or explaining any of the science behind it.

Question number one: What is chemical castration?  Well actually, chemical castration isn’t as horrifying as it sounds.  Unlike castration as we all well know and maybe fear, you don’t actually lose your genitals, it’s actually medication administered to you which aims to reduce your libido and sexual activity.  Sorry for the physical images above, I thought it would add a cheery and comic seasoning to the serious core of this post.

Question number two:  Does it work on both men and women?  I guess so, I can only find cases relating to men though…

Question number three:  Is is reversible? Does it work?  Apparently according to trustworthy Wikipedia, if you discontinue treatment, which is injections every 3 months, then it can be reversible.  Oh dear, best make sure you get the job done properly then!  I can’t find much to see if this actually 100% works but I can see it causes other problems, which is the next question…

Question number four:  Are there any side effects?  Life threatening side effects can happen, but are rare.  Some users have had an increase of long-term risk of cardiovascular disease (heart disease), osteoporosis (bone stuff going wrong,) Gynecomastia (glands in males becoming larger), reduced body hair and loss of muscle mass.

Question number five:  Is this a recent thing?  No, actually, Alan Turing, the famous British computer scientist, chose to be chemically castrated to avoid imprisonment in 1952 for homosexuality, which at the time was illegal, the homosexuality that is, not the chemical castration.

Question number six:  Is this a just punishment?  Is this right or wrong?  I can’t make my mind up on this one.  Relating this back to the age old favourite question of are you in favor of the death penalty, which I am not, I believe governments shouldn’t cause harm to their prisoners physically, in being killed and in the sense of beatings, hangings, tortures etc.  This is because I don’t feel prisoners should have an easy escape out of this life for the crime they’ve committed and also because the law states not to kill and this should be withheld in all society, so why should an executioner be above the law?  The other physical harm here could also be the side effects the medication can produce.

Saying that of course paedophiles do deserve suffering, please don’t get me wrong.  But is taking away their sex drive and the feeling of any arousal suffering?  When if treatment is completed, they wouldn’t feel the suffering of this loss because those feelings would not be there anyway?  Or would they?  Would cutting the burden of their own desires be a way of curing them, or a way of escape for them to live their life out in the world again with everyone else?

Opinions please…


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