Electric Wizard @ HMV Forum 31st March 2012

I entered the Download Festival 2012 competition to work as a writer and interview bands at the festival.  I didn’t win.  But here’s my entry anyway :-

Doom.  I love that word.  And I love Doom metal.  No prize for the Einstein who asks if I attended the Electric Wizard gig at the HMV Forum in March then.  Because I most certainly did.

So, prepared to be doomed out of orbit; the dark lords themselves entered through a thick layering of smoke and began our heavy trip of noise with ‘Supercoven’.  Huge screens behind the band and either side of the stage played old occult B-movies with images of perverse priests, crucifixion and ouija boards.  Every fan in the venue, who had not applauded any of the support bands, stood transfixed either by the hallucinogenic images projecting out of the screens or the sheer rumbling noise Wizard were powering out.

And so stomping on through into “The Nightchild” from their most recent album, with the grace and force of a prehistoric overgrown Triceratops dinosaur; everyone knew what they had came for.  The crowd surrendered under the crushing performance of ‘Dopethrone’ & ‘Return Trip’ and moved in a drugged sway.

And that’s when I began to seriously doubt the Forum has ever witnessed such an immense ritual of thunderous bass accompanied by vocals more sinister than the likes of Acid Bath.  I, for one, certainly hadn’t come face to face with so much doom that at times I found it hard to balance on my two weak human legs.  Forgive me father for I have doomed, and I will definitely doom again.


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