Warpaint – The Fool

The first time I heard Warpaint was when I was hungover; slouched over on the sofa, with the sun beaming through the window.  I was flicking through the music channels, probably still in my pyjamas, when I caught the last half of the music video for ‘Undertow’.  It immediately clicked with me – I added ‘Warpaint” to my music list.  (My music list being a note on my iPhone of all the bands/musicians I want/need to check out.)

So about a month later I had ordered the album, without hearing anything else from Warpaint (or my hangover thank god.)

I had read Last.Fm’s description for the band; half scrunching my nose up as they labeled Warpaint ‘psychedelic’.  From what I had heard, (and this was only Undertow) I would definitely not class their sound of something between Jimi Hendrix’s guitar solo’s with Jeffeson’s Airplane’s ‘White Rabbit’ vocals.  But now I don’t think this is what Last.Fm meant;

Warpaint’s music is like a pool of genres, weaving in and out and drifting beneath or through their floaty distortion.  Whereas ‘Bees’ reminded me of Joy Division’s undertone of a heavy building bass – Masjesty almost had sprinkles of psy-trance’s electronic effects over a post-punk rhythm.  There’s some ties to grunge also, in a Best Coast kind of way, but with an evolved maturity. (That’s not a dig, I love the simplicity of Best Coast’s lyrics and chords – Bethany from Best Coast describes there sound as teenage girls hanging at the beach in the 90s, but wearing a 50s bikini – I couldn’t think of a better summary than that!)

And when asked, Warpaint describe their sound as just being influenced by different genres of music, not stating one label.  Not many bands can say this and have me actually agree with them.

But my attempt at a Bethany illustration;  Warpaint sound like girls that hang round in metal bars, drinking beer and putting Pink Floyd on the jukebox.


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