New Chapter


So I realise I haven’t been so up to date in the last few months!  My bad, sorry.  But good news, I have completed my degree and received a 2:1 classification – panic over!

I have developed a habit of checking my results every few days to make sure I didn’t read them wrong, which my friend tells me is “cute”, I think it’s just weird…

But anyway!  I have moved away from London due to lack of wealth and an emotional imbalance (not too sure I should admit that) and plan to return again in the future.  For the time being I am at home in Kent and seeking employment.  It really is surprisingly where a degree can take you…sometimes that’s to benefits.  Ha!  Not to be forever.

I’ve also taken up a volunteer position at the local newspaper group the KM.  Unfortunately it isn’t working within the news team, but the charity team.  (Click here!)  A new Healthy Lifestyle’s website is being launched and so I’m helping collect contacts and features for that.  Any successful articles will be posted here of course.

And any other articles I am writing and trying to get published will also be published here…so watch this space!

I’ve recently done Download Festival and Lounge on the Farm festival which I am too hoping to post up a write-up!  Alongside my adventure to Prague and Brutal Assault Festival next month..!

Lounge on the Farm 2010

Some cool cats chilling on the farm..

So let’s here it for new changes and a new start (that springs itself upon you unexpectedly halfway through the year!)  This could be the start of something beautiful…!


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