Constructive and Productive…

This morning I travelled into central London, Chancery Lane to be precise, for an interview with Will Gore – who works at the Press Complaints Commission!

This is largely because I need some “professional” input for my dissertation, and some just out of curiosity!  Studying Journalism I’ve always received mixed views of the PCC (abbreviation–keep up!) and found it difficult to come to a sort of conclusion!

Before entering the immaculate polished and flawless third floor of Halton House, I was armed with some questions, not all, that were angled with a negative impression of the PCC!

Cue my worry, will he answer these questions truthfully, defensively or maybe not at all!  Because of course, my dissertation topic – Freedom of the British Press – can be VERY debateable!  Plus, I guess so is the reputation of the PCC too.

But thank you Will Gore, thank you!  Answered my questions fully with plenty of detail, we had a great discussion going about, indeed the freedom of the press, and the future of journalism and the PCC itself!

Who doesn’t love these kinds of days?

So fantastic, completely interested in his points on the future of the PCC.  Especially as I read a report yesterday I believe revealing the public’s urge to reform the press’s regulation!  (See me!)  Over half of us, the great British public, believe we need a change in how we monitor the press.  Will Gore explained that yes, he believes the system will probably change in the future, due to the changing environment in journalism, and due to the just the changes in our society – how we communicate and how we consume!

Of course the PCC work as a complaints system, and does not necessarily investigate stories that appear inaccurate or untruthful, but then again we must think of our basic human rights – we can’t force anyone to make a stand when they simply don’t want to!

So yes, my view of the PCC has changed greatly today!  However, there’s not much to protect a journalist’s integrity, on the tube back I was thinking of solutions, such as setting up another body, similar to the PCC but maybe just for journalists and editors who feel they are not truly free to publish!  As journalists cannot mediate to the PCC about different pressures or constrictions.  A separate body to ensure press freedom in hope to defeat organisational pressures!

So maybe not changed my view of the freedom of the press (specifically journalist’s freedom) just yet!


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